“Only if someone’s chasing me…”

Yes, I hear that all the time. Or I am just met with a blank stare. Like, seriously, you want me to voluntarily take up running? Yep. Yes, I do!!!

Let me give you a little history of my running background.

I started running in high school to stay in shape during the offseason. I was a soccer player and when I wasn’t playing for my high school team, I knew I needed to stay conditioned. So I ran a few times a week. Fast forward to college years and the *ahem* freshman fifteen and my running continued as a way to lose those pounds and keep them off. When I found myself hitting the pavement every single day, and running became a somewhat unhealthy obsession (as pointed out to me by my family–a story for another day), I backed off of the running.

After college, I continued to run, though not as much as I was consumed by a stressful teaching job. I felt like I just didn’t have time to run. Wait, what? We didn’t have kids, I had nothing but time! But for some reason, no one clued me in on that. Until one day the mom of one of my first graders asked me about running. I had included the fact that I enjoyed running on an “All About the Teacher,” poster I made. To be honest, at that point I was hardly running. She invited me to run with her little group of women–there were five of us in all. So I began meeting these women at 6 am to run four miles before school started. Suddenly we were signing up for a half-marathon and then a full! We ran the Nashville Country Music Marathon in 2003 and I was hooked!

And then we found out I was pregnant and a minor complication caused the doctor to put my exercise regimen on hold. It was tough for me not to get out and run, but the little life growing inside of me felt like a great reason to take a break. Over the next nine years, we had three boys and my running was sporadic at best. I’d run 4 or 5 times one month and then not at all the next. But in 2016 that all changed. My husband had run a Spartan Race and decided he wanted to do one with me. I remembered that he had to sign a waiver to participate. How could I subject myself to something that might kill me??? But friends of ours were game, so I went along. It’s funny to look back on that experience and see that the race was the spark that reignited the flame for me. I had been running a little bit before I started training for the Spartan, but once I started conditioning my body for the burpees, rope climb, and monkey bars I would encounter on my run, I started seeing huge gains in my speed. Up until that point, I thought I was doing just fine on the exercise front as long as I was running. Preparing for the Spartan taught me that strengthening my upper body had advantages too. Carrying my kids and groceries became easier. My posture improved. I carried myself with a confidence I had not known before.

I have continued to run and go to the gym. I found out I can be competitive with other women in my age group, and placed second in a 10K I ran last Spring. I am pretty sure receiving that plaque ranks up there with the proudest moments of my life. Running will always be a part of my life. It lights me up. It recharges my batteries. It clears out the cobwebs.  

I get that it’s not everyone’s thing. But could it be yours? Could it be that you haven’t given it a chance? If you keep telling yourself you’re not a runner well then, guess what? You’re right.  

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.  

–Henry Ford

Is it possible that you have not worked with a coach who taught you how to loosen your joints and lean into your run so that you can run without pain? Or that you haven’t let yourself push through discomfort and shortness of breath you think is going to kill you but is just your body getting used to taking in additional oxygen to sustain you?

I want to help you want to run. Running has been such a powerful tool in my life and I want to share it. If I’m feeling stressed, I go for a run. Need perspective on a situation in my life? I go for a run. On vacation without a weight room? I go for a run. Need to clear my head? I go for a run. Ate too many cookies? I go for a run.  

For me, running is the antidote to pretty much everything.

So, if you want to destress or, let’s see…

-strengthen your heart

-increase your bone density

-burn calories

-increase your aerobic capacity…

sign up for my next running course!  

Per feedback from my first two courses, I am now offering a beginner and intermediate course. The intermediate course will occur on the coattails of the beginner course, so feel free to sign up for both!

Check the programs tab on my website soon to get signed up!