The other night at bedtime I listened to Camden laugh.  The laughter rising out of him was this pure, unadulterated beautiful sound.  I joined in, not able to help myself. Tears squeezed out of the corners of my eyes as I realized what was happening before my eyes.

Camden learned to read in Kindergarten, and even though it was often like pulling teeth to get him to do his weekly reading so I could fill out his reading log, he always did his part to read aloud to me so I could sign off.  Each page was a challenge. He struggled to sound out many of the words, and the experience of reading a story, cover to cover was often painful and laborious.

But, over the summer and into first grade, something started to shift a bit.  He began to memorize familiar patterns in the words he was reading. He found a series he loved and dove right into it.  He learned the characters and what was unique about them. He got to know their quirky personalities and defining attributes.  

The words on the page were no longer a stumbling block, but part of the framework of the story.  He was reading for understanding instead of reading and decoding each word. He was reading the sentences and seeing them as part of a whole, a whole that he was uncovering page by page.

So when we read that Valentine book the other night, Roses Are Pink Your Feet Really Stink, and I heard him laughing because HE GOT IT, it was such a fantastic feeling.  He had done the work to become a confident reader, and because of that he could enjoy the story and appreciate the humor of it without struggling through trying to figure out

I promise this has to do with fitness.

The other day I was thinking about why some people like to work out and some people do not.  And I think it boils down to finding the thing that is your thing. Not everyone is a weightlifter.  Not everyone gets a “runner’s high.” And not everyone is into crossfit. But once you find the thing that is your thing, YOU GET IT.

The hardest part is that you have to go through the discomfort of those first few workouts to identify the thing that is your thing.  I guarantee that if you have not been exercising, starting any type of exercise regimen is going to hurt a little. It’s going to be like pulling teeth.  It is going to be like

But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, if you stick around to see it.  You will find that thing. And you’ll know you’ve found it when you can see your workout as a part of a whole.  Part of a whole that is a healthy you. Camden could not find the joy in reading until he put in the hard work. And you cannot find the joy in exercise until you go through the discomfort of finding that thing.  

Are you ready to find your thing, that thing that lights you up?   You know, the piece that is missing from the healthy “you?” Click here to connect with me.  Let’s get this party started!