In order to see results, sometimes you need a tailor-made workout plan. When you sign up to work with me, we will take a good hard look at what you want to be your end-result, and build a plan that will get you the outcome you desire. I believe in training the total body and feel that building strength and stamina are important, but so are training the mind and belief systems we may have around food, health, and self-care. Sign up with me today for a training experience that will transform your body, and also nourish your soul.


The offseason is a great time to rest and recover from the intense competition that accompanies any sport. But it is also an opportunity to keep your body strong, conditioned, and flexible so that you can prevent injury when your sport resumes. Improve and focus on skills and strength that affect performance and maintain your flexibility in the offseason so you can be the best version of yourself heading back into the new season. Sign up to train your team with me today.


In my running courses we will practice several running form focuses that will help you run more effortlessly and with fewer injuries. Each participant will also receive weekly inspirational emails, healthy eating suggestions, and one weekly homework assignment (geared toward improving running endurance).

If you are up for the challenge, joining us is easy! There are two payment plans for all of the above. Our group will meet twice a week for 6 weeks prior to a race we will choose to run. If you know you can commit to each of the training sessions, your fee will be $100 for the class. If you cannot commit but still would like to take part, you may pay as you go, $10 a session.